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We started doing thorough research on Mongolian Ger in 2012 and introduced a buildable small souvenir Mongol ger with brand name NAAD in 2016. In addition, I have had experience of assembling and disassembling Mongol ger from my childhood. With the experience and new idea, I’ve been developing GerTent as a travel tent since 2018.

And now it is ready to be introduced into the market.


The Mongolian Ger is a portable shelter with a unique architectural structure that was introduced 3,000 years ago for easy transportation with quick assembly and disassembly process.

It is a sturdy structure with round shape which provides comfortable living space. Because supporting posts along with wooden joints and ropes create a strong structure, Mongolian Ger can be used throughout four seasons with additional felt insulation.


We are introducing you a brand –new travel product GERTENT that has the best features of both Mongol ger and modern tent. It offers comfortable living space that is round and strong stability of Mongol ger and simple portability of modern tent.

During our travel in 2017, we’ve experienced a powerful rainstorm that flattened our tent with water flooding and strong wind which forced us to spend the night in a nearby nomad’s ger and wait for the storm to pass. Mongolia has four seasons with extreme weather conditions. Because of the steppes and flat landscape, it is no surprise to have strong wind blow. However, the Mongolian Ger we stayed in didn’t have any issues due to its structure and round shape. From that night, we’ve decided to create a travel tent that is as sturdy and comfortable as Mongolian ger.

First sketch by hand

CAD design

First prototype of all parts

Making prototype frame and all parts by myself

Sewing first outer cover design

First prototype is ready. It is 3 m diameter.

In Shanghai factory. Testing aluminum parts

In Tianjin factory. Final design ckecking

Final prototype GerTent basic model

Summer, Autumn test

Winter test

Show room is ready!

Final product is ready!

Our product is ready to be distributed into the hands of our customers from October 2022

Quality results with us

1. Developed on the existing sturdy Mongolian ger architectural design
2. Ease of transportation. It will fit in any vehicle.
3. Assembled in 15 minutes, disassembled in 10 minutes.
4. Usable in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. 4 seasons.
5. Successfully passed water and wind tests.
6. The round shape allows for optimal air ventilation and even distribution of heat.
7. There are sleeping area and additional entrance area with four possible doors to the structure. Additional roof cover which can be used as a separate shed.
8. It is possible to interconnect the GerTents and the sleeping tents.

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Ger Glamping is a company which develops camping gear and offers innovative outdoor recreation products, camping and glamping services

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GerGlamping team

Specialized in marketing. Since 2002 he has been working in the field of product development, brand development, and marketing. He has led several product projects that have successfully entered the market.
Project leader


He graduated from Industrial Management university. He has been specialized in Korea for production. Product development of the project, senior product designer. The inventor of about 10 patented products that successfully entered the market.
Inventor, Product developer


She has been working in the banking and business sectors for 15 years. Financial Analyst of the project.