A Mongolian ger (yurt) that has more than 3000-year history, it is the most suitable, durable and “smart” accommodation for nomadic Mongols.Throughout history, with the emergence of a variety of we have developed “GerTent”, a new technology camping product that combines the advantages, features, and convenience of the modern tent with convenience, durability and easy to assemble and dismantle of a Mongolian ger.

Product features

  • Developed on the existing sturdy Mongolian ger architectural design
  • Ease of transportation. It will fit in any vehicle.
  • Assembled in 15 minutes, disassembled in 10 minutes.
  • Usable in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. 4 seasons.
  • Successfully passed water and wind tests.
  • The round shape allows for optimal air ventilation and even distribution of heat.
  • There are sleeping area and additional entrance area with four possible doors to the structure. Additional roof cover which can be used as a separate shed.
  • It is possible to interconnect the GerTents and the sleeping tents.



  • On top of a mountain
  • In the plains
  • On the river shores
  • On the Gobi sands and variety of beautiful landscapes…


  • Nature travelers / Family travelers
  • Herders and farmers / Hunters / Fishermen
  • Mountain and extreme sport athletes
  • Emergency and rescue services
  • Travel companies
  • Mining companies


  • To set up a travel Basecamp
  • To build a mining camp
  • Accomodation for hunters and fishermen to spend night as a group
  • Travel with many friends and family
  • In the backyard of the pond house
  • At the entertainment show and events
  • Can be used for outdoor exhibition purposes

  • Diameter: 4M/13ft
  • Door: 1m(W)*1.8m(H)
  • Wall Height: 1.6m
  • Roof Height: 2.3m
  • Fabric: Poly cotton canvas beige, 300gsm, PU coating, water proof, mildew resistant.
  • Ground sheet:.540gsm ripstop PVC, waterproof. Beige color. With Zipped in Ground Sheet
  • Net: 40gsm black, both on door and windows.
  • Central pole: Dia.22 - 28mm aluminum telescopic pole,1.5mm thickness.
  • Frame poles: Dia.18mm, 20mm aluminum tube 6061,1.2mm thickness, anodized. All frame is 16kg.
  • Windows: 2 side windows & 2 vents on the apex, with mesh.
  • Behind doors: 3 zipper door, zipper Mesh door with flap. 1.6m height.
  • Front door: 1 main zipper door, zipper Mesh door with flap. 1.8m height.


  • Rope: Φ6mm Nylon ropes, 1.8m*12pcs; 3.5m*2pcs
  • Stakes: Φ6mm steel,23cm on length, 30pcs
  • Product size: 400*400*230/160 cm
  • Package Size: 125X40X40cm, 100X40X40cm (2 bags)
  • Weight:Appro. 50kg +-
  • Capacity: 4m can fit 6-8 person
  • 4-season style: you can install a stove jack to keep warm
  • Floor and cover:The door and the window has mesh, also there has a zipper in the ground sheet,and the zipper in the ground is SBS brand
  • Our warranty: 12month
  • Easy to set up : One person can set up in under 15 min.

2 windows

2 side windows & 2 vents on the apex, with mesh.

Can make a fire in the tent

GerTent is a 4-seasonal tent, therefore it is possible to make a fire in the stove during the cold weather. A chimney made of non-combustible material that will not burn in +200 degrees.

Window on roof

Highlighting the Mongolian ger feature, the roof is made like the crown wheel of yurts which provides access to light and air. /has a fly and mosquito repellent mesh protection/

4-season style: you can install a stove jack to keep warm

Attachable porch

The porch can be additionally connected to the front-facing door. Despite using it for storage, it can also be used for sleep 2-3 people. /The porch can be purchased additionally/

4-way door

A distinctive feature of GerTent is the 4-way door, and the porch has a height of 1.8 meters which does not obstruct to go in and out. The other three doors have 1.6 meters high and can become very large windows during the daytime, as well as divide each room into separate bedrooms and connect additional sleeping tents.

Inside bedroom

You can attach inside bedroom in GerTent

Separated into 2 bags of equal weight

The metal and fabric parts are packaged in 2 separate bags, making it easy to carry. Metal part: 1.25*0.4*0.4 m /25 kg/ - Fabric part and other parts: 1*0.4*0.4 m /20kg/ Total weight 45kg